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How to Create a Scrapbook

18 January 2022

How to Create a Scrapbook

Create the perfect scrapbook

The majority of photos and memories from trips away and big life events are stored on our phones. This often means we never get the chance to look back and relive those experiences. Printing pictures means you can share those memories with loved ones; however, it can still be a nightmare to organise and store these images for ease of use. That’s why we’ve asked interior, fashion and product stylist Harriet Langsbury ( to put together an easy, step-by-step guide to help turn your Fujifilm prints into a creative scrapbook that can be treasured for years.

What you will need

First, you need a book or journal. You can use any size, but I found that a square, ring-bound book works best.

Then, choose your photo prints. 6x4 inch and 4x4 inch prints are a great size – big enough to be a focal point, while small enough to fit a couple on each page. You will still have plenty of room to layer up notes and mementos, adding postcards, as well as tickets and maps from your trip or event. This really is a great way of telling the story of where you’ve been or what you’ve done.

You will also need some scrap paper to add texture to the page. Lastly, the essentials: coloured pens, scissors and glue are all important materials when adding notes and sticking in photos.

Step one – Preparing your page

To start creating your page, you need to work on the background – but use anything you find around the house. I like to create texture by using bits of recycled paper, as well as paper bags and old packaging.

Start by ripping or cutting the paper into different shapes. You can then add more texture by crumpling each piece up. Place each bit of paper roughly where you want it, but don’t stick them down just yet.

Step two – Choosing your images

With Fujifilm, you can print pictures in lots of different sizes. I found that, for this project, the 6x4 inch and 4x4 inch images worked perfectly. Have a little play around with the composition and work out where you would like each photo to go. But remember, don’t stick anything down just yet.

Step three – Add your mementos

Mementos from trips such as tickets, maps and restaurant menus can help you remember the date and location of your trip – they also help tell the story of your experiences and bring images to life.

Have a go at working out the best placements by cutting out bits from your maps. This is a great way of bringing detail to the background, and adding in tickets from the day will help create different layers on your page.

Step four – Add diary extracts and notes

Annotating pages is a great way to remember where you’ve been and what you’ve done. You can get creative with the type, trying out calligraphy or keeping it simple by printing off notes from your computer in different fonts. I find that including diary extracts from the trip to match your printed pictures helps you remember the event better.

You can now stick each bit down, but make sure you remember where everything should go! It’s so easy to get all the separate pieces mixed up.

Step five – Add finishing touches

You can use decorative tape, and other extras like paper clips, to add a little more colour to the page. You can also use a few extra things like stickers, dried flowers and glitter, depending on your theme.

Once you have completed all five steps, your scrapbook is complete! Slip them into your bookshelf or keep on your coffee table, bringing them out to share with friends and family. Scrapbooks are a much better way of helping you relive a trip than going through the images on your phone!

Remember, you can use scrapbooking to document lots of different memories, such as parties, events and trips, plus these handmade scrapbooks also make a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Head to the online print store ( to get printing your photos.