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When we first opened our doors in 2019, we wanted the Fujifilm House of Photography to inspire and empower photographers. And our photo printing service is a central part of our offering. After all, sharing photos digitally certainly has its merits, but there’s something extra special about holding physical prints. What better way to showcase your creations than with photo albums, books, and personalised gifts?

Whether you’re a beginner, an avid enthusiast or a professional photographer, our in-store photo printing is a great way to bring your pictures to life. Nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, our House of Photography provides fast and convenient photo printing that’s perfect for London image makers. 

Head to our printing area on the ground floor and transform your camera roll into high-quality prints and gifts.

8 reasons we should be your go-to for photo printing in London

More than just a camera store, the House of Photography is a space designed to stimulate the senses and promote creativity. From our studio hire and photography workshops to our inspiring exhibitions, there’s always something to explore. But why should you choose us for your photo printing, too?

1. Our photo printing process is quick and easy

Transforming your digital images into stunning prints shouldn’t be convoluted. At the House of Photography, you can use one of our intuitive photo printing kiosks to get your pictures. Plus, our team of photography experts is always on hand to help out with any queries. 

2. Try our speedy turnarounds

How quick is our photo printing, we hear you ask. Well, we offer a range of fast turnarounds. And if you hire our professional photo studio, we can ensure you get your prints back within an hour — and that’s on an array of print sizes, up to A1 and A2. 

3. You can print photos straight from your phone

We appreciate that phone cameras have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years and can be a fantastic way to create incredible images. In fact, 2022 saw us take 1.72 trillion photos on our smartphones. That’s set to reach a whopping 2 trillion smartphone photos every year, globally, by 2025!

If you can take photos directly from your phone with the push of a button, it makes sense to be able to print them just as easily, too. 

No need to navigate external memory cards — you can print premium-quality photos directly from your phone with Photo by Fujifilm. Scan a QR code, connect to our WiFi and send your pictures to one of our self-serve Easy Print Kiosks. 

4. We have some great discounts

Photo printing at specialist shops can become costly, particularly if you have a large volume you want to put in albums. But at the FUJIFILM House of Photography, we aim to make photo printing accessible and affordable. 

We offer a range of discounts to help you transform your stories into tangible mementoes you can appreciate for years to come. These include a 10% student discount, so you can make the most of all your photos from nights out.

But don’t worry if you’re not a student, with our cumulative discounts, the more you print, the more you save! So if you have a camera reel full of photos you’ve been meaning to print for the past couple of years, you’re in luck. Or perhaps you recently celebrated a big occasion, like a wedding or family party? Our discount is the perfect excuse to print multiple copies of your photos to share with loved ones.

5. You can choose from a range of print sizes

Whether you’re looking for pocket-sized prints or extra-large posters, we’ll help you find the perfect format.

If you’re unsure about your file types, speak to one of our in-store photo experts to make sure you get the best resolution possible.

6. Select your paper type 

As well as using premium ink to get the best results from your photo printing, we have a range of high-quality paper types to choose from. Go classic with our Fujifilm 100% Original Photographic Paper, which is ideal for classic prints and enlargements. 

For something a little different, why not create a stunning photo canvas or select our fine art paper? Browse the options at the Wonder Photo Shop and see which paper takes your fancy.

7. We can frame your prints for you

There’s nothing worse than getting a beautiful photo print and realising it’s a fraction too big or too small for your chosen frame. Fortunately, our frames and prints are a match made in heaven. You can be sure your image will fit snuggly in the frame with no need to fiddle about with trimming or filling in space. 

Plus, we can frame them for you. As you leave, your prints will be ready to display at home or gift to a loved one.

8. You can get personalised photo gifts

Speaking of gifts, we offer more than just your classic prints. From custom photo books to personalised water bottles, there’s something for every occasion. Celebrate a friend’s birthday with a fun photo cushion or surprise your partner with a cosy blanket featuring their favourite romantic picture. 

Visit the Fujifilm House of Photography for professional photo printing in London

From glossy prints to canvas masterpieces, Photo by Fujifilm caters to a wide range of printing preferences.

Discover the FUJIFILM House of Photography and unleash the true potential of your digital images.

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