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It won’t be long now, and the flowers will be in full bloom and the sun will be shining, opening up some brilliant photo opportunities for our community.

In the meantime, let’s manifest more of this beautiful spring weather by looking at a few of our favourite shots of London in spring. Ready to learn some photography tips from some talented FUJIFILM photographers? Let’s get into it.

Vintage Finds by Josh Edgoose

Josh Edgoose has treated us to a little slice of retro on a suburban London street, showcasing the power of colour in composition. The first thing we noticed? The mustard-yellow vintage van, framed by blooming yellow flowers, popping out against the softer, more neutral city hues. This image indicates how contrasting colours can enhance visual impact in street photography, showing off London with a welcome touch of nostalgia.

Josh has worked some real magic with the FUJIFILM X-T50 and the nifty XF35mmF2 R WR lens. The aperture is wide open at f/2.0, giving us this dreamy, creamy look where the foreground frames the van in a soft embrace.

And with an ISO of 125, every petal and paint fleck is crisp and clear, even with the speedy 1/1700 sec shutter freezing the dangling blossoms. The thoughtful framing also uses natural elements to create a vignette around the subject, teaching the importance of spotting opportunities to craft new narratives.

Spring in Bloom by Josh Edgoose

Spring has arrived in Notting Hill. The magnolia blooming in front of the classic London townhouses is a signature look for the season, and Josh has nailed it with the FUJIFILM X-T50 and the sharp XF35mmF2 R WR lens.

At f/4.5, he's hit that sweet spot with the depth of field — everything's in focus, but there's just enough softness to make those pink petals jump out at you. The ISO is pushed up to 640, which is perfect for catching the fine textures on an overcast day, and with a shutter speed of 1/2000 sec, even the lightest of blossom petals are caught mid-dance.

This is definitely a London photography tip worth remembering: use a quick shutter to capture the dynamic life of the city, even in a tranquil setting. And this shot? It's a masterclass in how a simple spring moment can tell a story that's as timeless as London itself.

Fun in Trafalgar Square by Polly Rusyn

Capturing the essence of London in spring requires a keen eye and a sense of the city's unshakeable rhythm — something Polly Rusyn demonstrates with flair in this lively snapshot from Trafalgar Square. With the trusty FUJIFILM X-T5 in hand and the sharp XF23mmF2 R WR lens, Polly was quick to snap this candid moment that's all about the contrast and colour of London in spring.

With settings smartly dialled in at f/4.5, the depth of field is just right. It keeps the main subjects in sharp focus while the iconic London backdrop blurs softly. An ISO of 400 ensures the details pop without any grain, and at 1/800 sec, all movement is caught in the moment — allowing us to relive the boy's playful, adrenaline-filled scramble and the woman's polished pose.

This photo is a reminder that it's not always about the landmarks in London — it's about the people and the stories they tell. Polly nails it, showing us two people you'd find on any given spring day in London. The young boy’s energy versus the woman's laid-back vibe sums up the city's spring persona perfectly — a little bit of everything all at once.

London in Motion by Kevin Mullins

Here we are by the Houses of Parliament, but this time, it's not your usual postcard shot. The hustle and bustle of London life are whooshing by, all thanks to our nifty FUJIFILM X100VI and its fixed lens.

Check out the settings Kevin Mullins has played with. An aperture of f/16 has given us a deep focus, showcasing Parliament's grandeur in all its glory. But here's our favourite thing — the slow 1.0 sec shutter speed. It turns an iconic red London bus into a streak of rich, vibrant colour. It captures the speed of life in London, which only increases when the weather starts to warm up.

ISO at 125 keeps the image clean and grain-free, perfect for those grey-tone spring days. This photo gives you a sense of the setting without freezing the moment too much. Instead, it’s full of movement and life — even without any subjects in clear sight.

Playing with time to show off the city's pace is what London photography is all about:. A handy London photography tip from us? Slow down that shutter and let the city's motion paint your picture. It’s London in spring — not standing still for anyone, bursting with energy and ready to roll.


A Touch of Colour by Josh Edgoose

Down in the London Underground where seasons scarcely exist, Josh Edgoose has caught a moment of warmth with his
FUJIFILM X100VI. A bouquet of dashing flowers in hand, the chosen subject carries a pop of colour through the subterranean heart of the city.

With the lens wide open at f/2.0, Josh has softened the bustling background, making our flower-bearer the stand-out subject in the shot. Remember — a wide aperture has the power to turn a chaotic scene into a simple story. The ISO is cranked to 1000, bright enough to see the detail but just enough to feel the Underground's liminal vibe, and at 1/250 sec, we've got a nice sharp snap of ‘life on the go’.

This image speaks of the city in bloom — even when underground. This image reminds us that spring doesn't just happen in the popular parks and on the bustling streets of London — it also happens in the more unexpected areas across the city.

Embrace all the seasons with FUJIFILM

London is bestowed a new lease of life in spring, but the city is an equally worthy subject throughout the year. Fancy taking a closer look at London throughout the seasons? Take your pick from two of our previous blogs: London in Summer and London in Winter

We love the fact that every season comes with new photographic opportunities. Who knows, maybe your FUJIFILM photographs will find their way onto one of our articles in the future?

In the meantime, why not brush up on your photography skills on one of our photo walks? Put your theory into practice and embrace your creativity with the FUJIFILM House of Photography. 

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