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Our favourite ‘London in Winter’ photos
06 November 2023
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Summer has departed from our skies for the foreseeable future, and an early winter has graced us with its crisp and cooling presence. There’s something about photographing London in winter. From the misty morning hues of the Thames to the leaf-scattered cobblestone pathways, every corner offers a striking photographic opportunity. Created with a variety of FUJIFILM digital camera models, we hope the following images inspire you to grab your gloves, don your beanie, and capture a few stunning shots. 

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Let’s get into the spirit of the season and take a look at three soul-warming shots, encapsulating London Town in a winter embrace.


Red London Bus

In "Red London Bus," Ari Gurdon has masterfully captured the quintessence of London's charm during the chilly winter months. The muted tones of the backdrop, accentuated by last November's haze, allows the iconic red double-decker bus to stand out vividly, serving as the focal point of the composition. 

The soft lighting condition — a result of the muted, overcast sky — offers a gentle illumination that accentuates the details of the bridge's architecture and the distant skyscrapers, evoking a sense of depth and grandeur. It captures everything that London is to visitors and home-dwellers alike.

The choice of the f/2 aperture ensures that the red bus and its immediate surroundings remain in sharp focus, while subtly blurring the background, further adding to the image's ethereal ambiance. It’s a visually and technically stunning image, with layers contributing to the juxtaposing busyness and serenity of the city.

From a technical standpoint, the FUJIFILM X-T10 camera, paired with the XF56mmF1.2 R WR lens, has done an impeccable job in rendering the scene with clarity and precision. Unfortunately, the X-T10 is no longer in circulation, but you can still try out the latest version — the FUJIFILM X-T30. The choice of ISO 250 ensures minimal noise, preserving the finer details of the image, while the fast shutter speed of 1/4000 seconds freezes the motion of the bus. This captures a fleeting moment in time — a difficult task in the usual chaos of London. Gurdon's framing of the scene also adheres to the satisfying rule of thirds, giving the image a balanced and harmonious feel.  

Overall, this photograph is not just a showcase of technical prowess, but also a testament to the photographer's keen eye for capturing the soul of London in a transition between seasons.


Hampstead Heath

Also shot by Gurdon, 'Hampstead Heath' captures the essence of London in winter, presenting a symphony of warm and cooling hues that instantly evoke feelings of nostalgia. This image has got us longing to be cocooned within the season's ripe embrace. 

Lovingly shot with the iconic (and sadly, discontinued) FUJIFILM X-T10 camera and the XF56mmF1.2 R WR lens, the image demonstrates the brilliant capacity of the equipment to render vibrant colours and minute details. The choice of aperture at f/2 creates a slight depth of field, resulting in the people in the foreground standing out crisply against the vast, earthy expanse of the heath. Clarity is also cleverly maintained by Gurdon for the mid-ground trees and the distant architecture. With a high shutter speed of 1/4000 seconds, Gurdon ensures that every fleeting moment - from the gentle sway of the trees to the subtle movements of the individuals - stays frozen in time, with ISO 250 preserving the image's richness without introducing noise.

The compositional choices are equally commendable. The sweeping view of Hampstead Heath is perfectly framed, transitioning from the open grassland in the foreground to the dense foliage, eventually leading the eye to the spire that punctuates the soothing blue skyline. The interplay of light and shadow is beautifully captured, as dappled sunlight filters through the trees, adding depth and texture to the image. 

The cotton-like clouds described by Gurdon as "nature's fluffy brushstrokes" in the sky above serve as a gentle contrast to the earthy tones below, balancing the frame and adding a touch of dramatic richness. Ari Gurdon's photograph is not just a visual treat but also a testament to the beauty of London's natural spaces, especially during the transitional golden embrace of the season.


Bushy Park

This photograph was captured by @mrwhisper, one of our official Fujifilm X-Photographers. Using the FUJIFILM X-T3 camera and the XF56mmF1.2 R WR lens, Mr Whisper masterfully encapsulates the ephemeral beauty of a foggy London morning. One of the standout elements of the image is the choice of aperture setting at f/2.8; this choice results in a shallow depth of field which emphasises the subject – a lone figure about to be engulfed by the fog – while softly blurring the enchanting tree-lined pathway. 

The choice of ISO 160 ensures that the image retains its crispness and clarity, preserving the intricate details of the wintry leaves and the misty ambience. The faster shutter speed of 1/250 seconds ensures that the subject, though in motion, is captured with sharp precision, standing as a clear silhouette against the hazy backdrop.

The composition of this image is nothing short of poetic. By placing the subject in the lower third, Mr Whisper adds a sense of mystery and narrative depth, inviting viewers to weave their own story and narrative, using the shot as inspiration. The overarching branches not only create a natural frame but also enhance the sense of immersion and enclosure, allowing the audience to feel the embrace of the foggy atmosphere. 

The ethereal quality of the photograph is heightened by the gradual gradient of visibility; as one's eyes move deeper into the image, objects dissolve into the mist, mirroring the photographer's intention of portraying a dream-like sensation. This evocative capture is a true testament to the magic of winter in London, and the blend of technical expertise and artistic vision that Mr Whisper consistently brings to the table.


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