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There’s nothing quite like shooting London. Its bustling summer days and balmy evenings offer striking visuals and varying tonalities, which is why we’d love to share with you our favourite snaps of London from this summer.

The images featured below are shot by a variety of FUJIFILM digital camera models. Whilst this showcases our extensive product range, we also want to show you that your artistic vision can always transform into a reality - as long as you have the right equipment.

Who knows, maybe you’re on the lookout for your own photo studio space in London -  to get to know your FUJIFILM equipment a bit better, or to experiment with some new tips and tricks you’ve learnt. No matter what you’re looking for, we have a studio space waiting for you, and a variety of photography courses to take your photography to the next level.


Pearly Kings and Queens Gathering

Shot beautifully with the X100V, @emily.renier.street has encapsulated the communal buzz of a ‘Pearlies’ gathering in Covent Garden. Taken in the quieter months of the year, Renier offers a telescope into the intense, head-strong values and commitments of the Original London Pearly Kings and Queens Association.

When capturing this image, Renier noted that she tries to avoid eye contact when shooting street photography, “but this guy had such a presence, and eye contact felt appropriate”

The X100V is the perfect choice of camera for this style of shot. With its new 23mmF2.0 lens, it is enhanced for better resolution, lower distortion, and improved close focus performance. And, as you can see here — it really pays off.        


South Bank Festivities

What would a collection of London photos be without South Bank? South Bank is an excellent area for beginner and professional photographers, with its idyllic riverside promenade, Jubilee Gardens Park, and countless cafes, and restaurants.ƒ"

Taken with the FUJIFILM X-11 during this summer’s hot spell, @mrwhisper aimed to capture an image that encapsulated the heatwave we were all experiencing:

“That’s when I stumbled into this incredible scene. It reminded me of the fire hydrants being set off in NYC that you see in films, especially with all the kids cooling off around it. 

“Camera ready, I waited for a while for the people to arrange themselves within my frame. And for a moment, all the kids stepped out, and this fully dressed guy stepped into the middle of the fountain. 

“At this point, I hit the shutter button. And I got my heatwave photo”


Serene sunsets

Taken with the FUJIFILM X-T5 and the FUJINON XC35mmF2 lens, @jonnystokes_photography achieves the perfect creamy bokeh look which is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

We really wanted to feature an image of London away from the teeming metropolis that it’s so well known for. With the slow bubble of the Thames glimmering in the background, looking at this image makes us feel like we’re only one big inhale away from the epitome of relaxation.

For a shot like this, background blur, soft edges of lighting and the out-of-focus distant cityscape are essential, and perfect for creating this ethereal and diaphanous look. 

As you can tell, this is the exact shot that the X-T5 was made for.


Monochrome mirroring

When we think about summer, it’s common to associate this bright season with exaggerated, bold colours. Instead, we love the striking monochromatic effect of this FUJIFILM image taken with the now discontinued Fujifilm X-T2.

The lack of colour and the utilisation of monochrome is an interesting choice from us, especially for a summer blog - we know. But hear us out. 

The mirroring effect in this image makes the absence of colour almost irrelevant when we consider what’s going on in the background. With the illusion of more people, more crowding, we think this image captures the beauty of London crowds and the pockets of solace we find in the smallest, most manic moments.


Cooling Off

Shot in June’s heatwave by @marcustanway, you’d find it hard to believe that London temperatures reached a sweltering 32°C. With the trusty FUJIFILM X-T5 and a FUJINON  35mm F2 lens in hand, Marcus’ image represents the social nature of a humid London in all its glory.

The 35mm F2 lens is made for a shot like this. Its intimately sharp focus contrasted with a rich background bokeh mimics the vision of the human eye, making us feel as though we’re watching the scene unfold in real-time.

Communal areas, market stalls, and the steady yet constant stream of window shoppers are all visible within this varied-focus shot, making the main focal point stand out to the eye. What we’re left with is a moment of peace amongst London’s summer chaos - and we think that’s something quite beautiful.


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