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The INSTAX scrapbook challenge
11 January 2023
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 Today’s age of digital photography is simply incredible, but there’s still a lot of joy to be had with physical prints. If there’s any more satisfying memento than an INSTAX photo, it’s a scrapbook full of them! That’s why we’re posing you a challenge.
Below, you’ll find five instant image suggestions – and you can add another five of your own choosing. Create them using an INSTAX camera, like the mini Evo or mini 40, or bring your smartphone images to life with a printer, like the mini Link 2 or Link WIDE.
If you nail every frame, you could create all ten photos using one standard pack of INSTAX mini film, like Candy Pop, White Marble or Mermaid Tail. If you’re after a little more creative freedom, why not try the mini Deco Film Bundle? With a mixture of designs, it’ll leave you with a huge variety of awesome photos in your scrapbook.
1.     A landscape
There’s not an image lover alive who hasn’t admired the beauty of a nice landscape photo. This image is an opportunity to think about what works and why. The scene isn’t going anywhere, so consider some different angles and the best natural light. If nothing else, it’s an adventure – alone or with friends!
2.     A group selfie
Speaking of adventures with friends: next time you’re on one, snap a photo! Or, if you find yourselves without much else to do, take some time with it. Set up a scene using an interesting background or funky props and strike a pose. This kind of photo is always the most fun to make.  


3.     A street scene
Another day, another classic genre. For most people, street scenes are more accessible than a landscape, so can be documented as a normal part of life. If you’re not ready to include strangers in your photos just yet, don’t worry! Instead, focus on small details people would usually miss. Seek out shadows and reflections, or simply wait in one interesting spot to see what unfolds right in front of you.
4.     A performance
Let this image be an excuse to go out and watch something you enjoy. Many theatres don’t allow photography, so a music gig might be the safest bet. This setting perfectly illustrates the power of spontaneously creating a keepsake. Don’t worry about spending time perfecting the image – don’t even look through the viewfinder if you don’t want – but be sure to take a minute to snap at least one photo.
5.     A portrait of a loved one
If a photo of a performance is an impromptu memory, a sit-down portrait is one you create with real thought. It needn’t be anything complex. Find the best possible light in your subject’s natural setting, then put them at ease with some conversation, keeping your camera ready. You’re more likely to encapsulate exactly what you love if you don’t try to direct them. A cherished memory of this moment in time will be something to look back on for years.

Once you’ve collected your prints, it’s time to pull them all together into your scrapbook. You can find scrapbooking kits online, or simply create your own using an empty journal and a little  imagination. Add stickers and include mementos such as tickets from the event you visited. You can glue in different kinds of paper and other materials, to create fun borders and backgrounds for your prints.
When your scrapbook is finished, be sure to snap a pic of your creation and tag us @instaxHQ on Instagram.

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