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Designed for big moments, the instax WIDE 400 lets you sidestep limitations and create images as large as life. Read on to learn all about its headline features.

Standout design

Rugged design meets modern features in the instax WIDE 400, its chunky grip and understated pale green aesthetic combining to create a timelessly iconic look.

Intuitive controls ensure that image making remains fun and spontaneous, with a useful window displaying the amount of film remaining and the included shoulder strap ensuring you can keep creating anywhere.

Image 2024 © Fujifilm

WIDE format

Don’t compromise on your composition. instax WIDE film is ideal for large group photos and landscapes. Twice as wide as instax mini film – 108x86mm versus 54x86mm – instax WIDE film retains all the quality you’ve come to expect from the format, while leaving plenty of room around the edges of your subject for dynamic backgrounds.


Never miss out on being in your own photo thanks to the self-timer lever. Rotate this dial to set a timer of four, six, eight or ten seconds. The LEDs on the front of the camera will turn off sequentially as the timer counts down, while the instax WIDE 400 makes a ticking noise – so everybody will be ready to make the perfect photo!

Image 2024 © Fujifilm

Focus modes

The instax WIDE 400 powers on by simply twisting the lens. Keep rotating the lens to select your intended focusing distance – 0.9-3m for everyday photography or 3m-∞ for landscapes and more distant subjects.

With the included close-up lens attachment, you can set the focusing distance between 0.4m and 0.5m. Ideal for making photos of yourself, this has a mirror fixed on the front to help you frame up the perfect selfie.

When looking through the camera’s viewfinder, you’ll notice two target layouts – one for framing normal photographs and the other for use with the close-up lens attachment, countering parallax issues.

Never miss a moment

With a tripod mounting point on the bottom of the camera, you can set up the perfect group photo from anywhere.

In the absence of a tripod, though, a handy angle adjustment accessory comes included with the instax WIDE 400. Slide one of the two included pedestals into the bottom of the camera to tilt the lens upwards. The two cubes are different sizes, enabling contrasting tilt angles.

Once you’re framed up, you can leave it to the instax WIDE 400 to do the rest, thanks to its automatic exposure and flash controls. Depending on light level, the camera will set the flash and adjust the shutter speed, so you can trust it to deliver great photos every time.

Image 2024 © Fujifilm

Shop instax WIDE 400 today and read the full specifications here.

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