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What to Expect Before Your First Professional Headshot
18 April 2024
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What to expect before your first professional headshot

Are you looking to update your CV with a photo or set out on a new venture? Maybe you’re looking for a career move, or you’d like to master a new skill or hobby. 

Getting a new professional headshot is a lot like starting afresh, renewing your inspiration. If you’ve never had a headshot taken before, it’s natural to wonder what this can include. To help you get started, we’ve put together some handy headshot advice so you’ll know what to expect when you get your very first professional portrait taken.

Your headshot session with the FUJIFILM House of Photography

At the FUJIFILM House of Photography in London, we’re lucky to be able to shoot in-house headshots for a variety of professionals and creatives. We take care of everything — from your initial booking to you receiving your brand new headshots. Leave the hard work to us. Show up, have a bit of fun, and rest assured that you’ll receive your professional images by the end of the session.

Our professional headshot sessions last an hour — 30 minutes for shooting, and 30 minutes for finalising. You will be placed in the hands of one of our expert photographers, and they’ll provide you with six unique, retouched headshots which are placed onto a USB for you to choose from at your leisure. 

If you’d rather have your images in a physical portfolio, we also offer the option to print them in our state-of-the-art photo lab. 

Questions to ask before you attend your headshot appointment

Our photographers can work a lot of magic in an hour. However, to make the headshot session as efficient as possible, we have a few tips and questions to think about before you get started. 

It’s always best to communicate anything to your photographer at the start of your headshot slot so they can make your vision a reality.

1. What is the objective of your headshot?

Knowing the purpose of your headshot is the best place to start. Having your specific goal in mind will guide your headshot preparation and presentation — before and throughout the shoot. Ask yourself what you want to show the camera, how you want to be perceived, and what emotions you want to convey.

2. Which style of headshot do you need?

Our team always aims to meet your individual needs throughout the session. From portraits for your website to acting and talent headshots, it’s up to you to decide which resonates with your unique needs.

A business headshot aims to stay formal and conservative — with just the right touch of personality. They’re perfect for use on your professional profiles, websites, or business cards.

Alternatively, the role of an acting headshot is to showcase an actor’s natural look and versatility. The main focus of the shoot will be on capturing personality, expression, and characteristics. 

Talent headshots, on the other hand, are more creatively driven and can vary widely. They can emphasise a model’s aesthetics, fashion sense, and individuality. For instance, many models, musicians, and dancers opt for this type of headshot.

This doesn’t mean you have to choose one set type of photo — you’ll be able to mix and match as you wish within your session. However, it’s always beneficial to have a plan in mind.

3. Which headshot pose do you feel most comfortable in?

With years of relevant experience, your photographer will help you discover which poses are best for you throughout the session. Needless to say, it’s still a good idea to think about which poses you want to try out before you step into the studio. For a confidence boost, you could also think about your strongest features and how you want to highlight them.

You may want your headshot to focus entirely on your facial expression, or you may wish to include a range of outfits to reflect your personality. Next, figure out whether you feel more natural sitting or standing — experiment and decide which helps you look and feel more confident. You can also explore different angles and look away from the camera for a more candid appearance. Alternatively, you could try staring straight down the eye of the lens for a bold, striking shot. 

4. How can you prepare yourself physically and mentally before the session?

We understand that headshots and poses can often feel unnatural, and this can be a bit nerve-wracking if it’s your first time getting a professional photo taken. To prepare yourself for your session, remember that you are in the safe, supportive hands of our photographers. 

Always ensure that you get enough rest before the shoot. Stay hydrated before arriving and on the set, and maintain a relaxed and positive mindset. This mindset will shine through to your final images.

5. What kind of post-shoot editing preferences do you have?

To ensure that the final headshot images meet your expectations, think about the look you want from the end results. Retouching and editing can create a distinct aesthetic, so chat with your photographer about the style you want.

6. How will you style your hair, makeup and clothing?

Think about how you plan to embrace the spotlight with your own unique style. These photos could be your new LinkedIn profile picture or even more, so choose something that makes you feel unstoppable — whether it's your comfiest top or your sharpest suit. 

Why not add a pop of colour with some lipstick or try out a new hairstyle that reflects your personality? Most importantly, let your authentic self shine through your images.

The FUJIFILM House of Photography team will showcase your pictures in real-time and will provide you with a mirror for those last-minute touch-ups before each click. 

Book your headshot session today

We understand that having a polished and professional image is essential, no matter the line of work you find yourself in. 

By booking with us for a professional headshot in London, you’ll be able to showcase your talent and personality — all within the click of a shutter.

Book a professional headshot today with FUJIFILM House of Photography.

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