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From the hustle and bustle of The City to picturesque Hampstead Heath, there’s no denying that London is a wonderful spot for photographers. Whether you join a photowalk to help you see London in a new light, enrol on a photography course, or simply hire a camera and make your own way, there’s something to draw the eye at every turn. 

And if you’re wondering where to start, let us take you on a photographic journey through some of London’s most iconic landmarks.


The Sky Garden

We’ll start in the Sky Garden — London’s highest public garden. Photographer, Emily Reiner, used her FUJIFILM X-T3 camera — explore our X Series cameras and lenses for more details — to create this incredible image. Capturing a happy couple from a high angle, she’s created a dynamic image that contrasts the Sky Garden’s greenery with the industrial London landscape outside. There’s also an excellent contrast between the botanical, earthy tones of the photo’s lower half and the cool white tones of the upper half. 

Emily’s aims with the photo were to:

“Isolate the couple from the crowds which I did through motion-blur; produce an interesting enough composition — which I realised I could do by creating clear lines and clean layering — and make sure I placed the couple in front of London’s most incredible skyscrapers.”

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Millennium Bridge

A short stroll to the riverside, and we see the impressive Millennium Bridge. Mr Whisper’s photo, taken with a FUJIFILM X-T2 camera and XF10-24mmF4 R OIS WR lens, showcases an unfolding cityscape and expanse of blue sky with the Millenium Bridge and two pedestrians in the foreground. Fluffy summer clouds scatter the sky, bringing a sense of airy lightness to the image. 

Mr Whisper described his photo as having:

“a pleasing composition thanks to the symmetry and futuristic structure of the Millennium Bridge which leads our eyes directly to the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s a nice juxtaposition of the future pointing to the past. 

But what made this interesting for me, was the repetition of triangles created by the bridge and the harsh sunlight casting multiple shadows which together perfectly framed the two ladies in a triangular spotlight as they admired the view.”

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The Tate Modern

On the other side of the Millenium Bridge, we find ourselves at the Tate Modern, perhaps one of the most famous art galleries in the world. In this image, taken in the Tate’s cafe, Emily Reiner has created a balanced composition and we see St. Paul’s from a different angle. 

Framed by the gallery’s windows, we see the cathedral’s iconic spire peeking through from behind a silhouetted couple. The way the cafe dwellers’ shadows reflect across the ground again brings a sense of balance to the photo while the walls create a natural frame. 

As Emily said of her work:

“When I pass a scene like this, even when I am with friends at a museum, I can’t not take a quick snap. To be fair, this one was there for the taking: two people hugging a cup of tea, overlooking one of London’s best-known landmarks — St Paul’s. What can be more British than that? I shot in burst mode here so I could capture the placement of the mugs and faces on either side of the landmark just right.”

For this photo, Emily used the Fujifilm X100F camera — it’s the perfect model to take out and about, ready to snap spontaneous moments.


Tower Bridge

Head West and see the striking Tower Bridge. Whichever way you look at it, this structure is sure to impress — and Mr Whisper’s photos highlight its variety beautifully. 

A low-angle silhouette

First, we have a low-angle view. Here, the Tower’s majestic towers rise high against a clear sky, painted in a soft blue hue. This photo was taken with the FUJIFILM X-T1 camera, a compact model that’s perfect for street photography. It did a wonderful job of capturing the bridge's stonework, with its intricate Gothic details. The tower stands in muted beige and brown tones, contrasting with the deep shadows and silhouettes in the foreground.

The photographer specifically chose a low angle to explore the landmark in a new way. He said: 

With the direction of the sun in mind, I positioned myself in a low POV to create the framing by using the negative space. I then lined up the other tower to sit slightly off-centre and waited for the perfect silhouette to finish the photo.”

Tower Bridge at sunset

Mr Whisper’s second photo of Tower Bridge highlights the emblematic structure in all its glory. The tower itself stands tall and proud, while the sky’s reflection shimmers in the River Thames. 

While the first photo has just a hint of subdued colour, this image puts the vibrant orange glow of sunrise in the spotlight. Using a FUJIFILM X-T3 camera and XF23mmF1.4 R LM WR lens, Mr Whisper had an early 5 a.m. start. He said:

“It turned out to be 100% worth it, as Mother Nature rewarded us with this stunning colour palette.”

The latest X Series camera

Both Emily Reiner and Mr Whisper have made fantastic use of our X Series cameras, capturing London in creative and varied ways. The FUJIFILM X Series is the perfect range for street photography, and the latest in the collection — the 40.2 megapixel FUJIFILM X-T5 — features a lightweight 557g body, ideal for taking out and about. It also offers a highly accurate auto-focus, helping you photograph a wide range of subjects — from faces to vehicles — crisply and cleanly.


Explore London’s landmarks through your own photography

These impressive images are just a taster of the photography opportunities London has to offer. If Emily Reiner and Mr Whisper have inspired you to try your hand at landmark photography, why not hire a FUJIFILM camera and head out to explore? 

Already have your own camera? You can learn new techniques and get expert guidance through one of our photo walks — the ideal way to bring a new dynamic to your London images. 

We also offer a range of beginner and intermediate photography courses at our London House of Photography. Whether you’re getting to grips with the basics or want to learn more about aperture, composition, white balance and other techniques, our dedicated FUJIFILM specialists will help you develop your knowledge and confidence.

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