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Beginner course

London and Liverpool
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London and Liverpool
Please bring your own Fujifilm equipment.
Skill level
New starters, hobbyists and amateurs!

Learning photography can be an exciting yet somewhat daunting experience, especially when using unfamiliar kit like the models from our X Series and GFX FUJIFILM ranges. But fear not, as our Beginner Photography Courses have been thoughtfully crafted to be your compass whilst you dip your toes into such an exciting hobby. Our six-hour courses have been designed to help you build a strong foundation upon which you can confidently develop your photographic skills. We understand that everyone starts somewhere, and our goal is to ensure that “somewhere” is a place of knowledge, creativity, and proficiency.

Mastering exposure
Creative techniques
Camera familiarisation
What to expect

Our beginner photography course will equip you with all of the necessary skills you need to operate your camera to use it by yourself, and develop your photographic abilities so that you feel capable enough to capture thoughtful shots. Our teaching team will begin by demystifying your camera, ensuring you’re comfortable with its setup and operation. From there, we dive deep into the core of photography—exposure, covering aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Dive into the realm of creativity with Film Simulations and advanced filters, adding a unique touch to your imagery. We also address the digital aspect of photography, teaching you how to effortlessly share your work by transferring images to your smartphone.

Whether you’ve just unboxed your new camera or are a photography enthusiast looking to enhance your newbie skills, this course is your first ticket to getting to grips with the art of photography.

Topics covered
Comprehensive camera orientation
Unlock the full potential of your FUJIFILM X Series / GFX camera, diving into its advanced features with expert guidance.
Mastering exposure
Gain expertise in aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and understand when and how to use them effectively in various scenarios.
Camera familarisation
Become well-versed in the buttons and dials of your camera, transforming it from a complex device to a creative tool.
Creative techniques
Dive into film simulations and advanced filters, adding artistic flair to your photography.

You’ll also benefit from a brief overview of autofocus insights and lens knowledge. These areas will cover the nuances of autofocus to ensure sharp, well-focused images in different shooting conditions and help you make an informed decision on the best FUJIFILM X or GFX lenses for your needs. To learn about these in more detail, you can always go on to enrol in our Intermediate Photography Course.

Unlocking your photographic potential

Most of our photography courses for beginners are theory-focused, but we do include a small amount of practical activity to help you put your knowledge to the test, which will help build your confidence and hone your skills. What sets this course apart is the personalised approach. With a limited class size, you’ll receive one-on-one guidance, ensuring that your learning experience caters to your specific needs.

We’ll provide light refreshments on the day, but be sure to bring your own lunch to keep your energy levels up throughout the course duration. Start unlocking the full potential of your FUJIFILM camera with one of our beginner photography courses today.

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