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Introduction to Portrait Photography

No longer running
Fujifilm House of Photography

This event is no longer running

Whether you're aiming to capture deep, intimate portraits or take away a few tips to elevate your photography game, our free portrait photography seminar with James Greenhalgh is the ultimate starting point. 

Bring your portraits to life with this FUJIFILM House of Photography seminar.


In this Introduction to Portrait Photography seminar, you'll delve into the art of capturing intimate and vulnerable images with the help of James Greenhalgh. James will help you connect with your subjects like never before, showing you how to foster a relaxed atmosphere that leads to the most authentic moments. 

You'll gain valuable tips on building subject-photographer rapports and take a look at how you can use natural light to your advantage. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting in your photography journey, our seminars are open to all experience levels and camera types. 

As a bonus, James will also help you source inspiration for your photoshoots, as well as take a look at the technical considerations for choosing your portrait equipment.


What you will learn

  • Human connection: Master the art of engaging with your subjects, bringing out their most intimate and genuine selves.
  • Atmosphere mastery: Learn how to create a relaxing vibe that allows authentic moments to flourish through the lens.
  • Light like a pro: Harness the power of natural light to enhance your portraits in a new way.
  • Gear guidance: Get savvy about choosing the right equipment to match your artistic vision.


Meet your mentor

With nine years of expertise spanning across the UK and Europe, James Greenhalgh specialises in capturing soulful portraits and fashion snapshots. 

A graduate of UAL: London College of Communication, he’s not only honed his craft technically but also excels in connecting with diverse personalities to narrate their unique stories through his lens. 

Passionate about teaching, James leverages Fujifilm's cutting-edge technology to help budding photographers like you merge their creative vision with their equipment.