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How To Get Started in The Photography Business

No longer running
FUJIFILM House of Photography, First Floor

This event is no longer running

Has the time come for you to turn your photography hobby into a thriving business? We think so. Whether you’re dreaming of becoming a photographer one day or looking to take your photography experience to new levels, this free photography seminar is your invitation to begin.

Not quite sure how to put a mark on your niche in the vast world of photography? That’s what Sofia Berto’s seminar is here to help you with.

The agenda

This exciting session will cover all of the essential topics to consider when going into the photography business. You will be looking at:

  • Niche selection: to help you find your sweet spot in the industry.
  • Gear guide: the essential photography tools and equipment needed to kickstart your journey.
  • Portfolio power-up: so you can build a professional photography portfolio that stands out from the crowd.
  • Digital presence: to maximise your online impact as an influential photographer.
  • Legal essentials: so you can navigate the dos and don'ts of the photography world with ease.
  • Business strategies: from pricing to pitching — paving the way to success.
  • Audience engagement: to connect with your crowd authentically and genuinely.

The most important part? We want you to leave this seminar with a unique business mantra under your belt — your "why, how, and what" in entrepreneurship.

What will you learn?

  1. The essentials for getting started on your professional photography journey.

Receive guidance on choosing your photography genre and equipment, how to construct an engaging portfolio, nailing your online presence, taking business and legal considerations into account, building on your experience, and how to keep learning while doing it.

  1. How to cultivate your unique photographic identity. 

Throughout the seminar, you will receive advice on defining a clear and cohesive project vision (one of the many keys to success) and setting competitive pricing for your work.

  1. How to connect with your target audience.

From ironing out your niche target audience group to learning more about their needs and buyer journey, we will explore how you can connect with potential buyers with the help of effective connection strategies.

  1. Exploring sources to secure financial support.

Everything costs money these days — and this can be a serious challenge when considering whether to take your photography down the professional route. We understand that this is important to consider, so we’ll also be looking at ways you can financially support your work for sustainable, long-term growth.


Meet your mentor

As a co-founder of SEBC Photography and a specialist in food, portrait, and lifestyle photography, Sofia Berto has mastered the art of blending creativity with commercial success. 

Her impressive work, from London billboards for Emilia’s Pasta to features in Grazia UK and Vogue Italy, showcases her ability to elevate brands with stunning visuals. Sofia's entrepreneurial insights will be on hand throughout the seminar to guide you through balancing both the artistic and business sides of photography.