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As we celebrate the 75th birthday of the National Health Service, we wanted to recognise the extraordinary dedication of NHS staff and those who work or volunteer alongside them. Without them, the NHS would not be what it is today: the institution that our fellow citizens say makes them most proud to be British. 

To commemorate this special occasion and champion those who work so tirelessly to support health and wellbeing, we’re pleased to showcase Our NHS at 75 — an uplifting and inspiring photography exhibition held in central London. A collaboration between Fujifilm UK and NHS England, the exhibition will be running throughout July and August.

Selecting the photos

In April, we launched a competition, providing NHS staff and volunteers the opportunity to share photos expressing their unique stories of what the NHS means to them. From smartphone selfies to photos taken with professional photography equipment, each and every image brought a new insight into life in the NHS.

With This Morning’s resident GP Dr Ellie, award-winning journalist Victoria Macdonald, eminent photographer Lewis Khan, Dr Habib Naqvi MBE, Fujifilm’s Theo Georghiades and Chief Nursing Officer for England, Dame Ruth May on the judging panel, the entries were whittled down. The five winning photographs, along with  70 commended entries will now be presented at the FUJIFILM House of Photography. 

Photography is a fantastic storytelling medium, and each image in the exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the diverse and innovative world of the NHS. 

Our NHS at 75 celebrates the incredible impact NHS teams have on the lives of patients, their families and communities. Discover a gallery of photos exploring five themes:

  • Our Innovation – images showcasing how the NHS adapts and innovates; from technology and cutting-edge treatments to pioneering methods of care.
  • Our Care – photos that capture the kindness and compassion at the heart of the NHS. 
  • Our People – discover the teams and individuals who make a difference every day.
  • Our Environment – see NHS buildings and grounds and discover how sustainability is at the forefront.
  • Our Partners – celebrating teamwork, these photos highlight collaborations between staff, volunteers, charities, and other partners.

Celebrate 75 years of the NHS

Our NHS at 75 marks a notable milestone in British history. The exhibition will run from the 5th of July until the 31st of August 2023 at the FUJIFILM House of Photography. Explore individual snapshots that work together to tell the story of dedicated teams at the heart of the NHS.


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